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    There are many ways taxi advertising formats can elevate your brand initiatives and we are proud to offer every iteration of formats conceivable so that your branded taxi is tailored to your objectives and budget. Our team of experts can help you to identify the best taxi advertising formats for your campaign.

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    Advertising formats

    Take Your Advertising to the streets of London and across the UK with Sherbet Taxis:

    Full Taxi Wraps (aka the works!)

    Give your brand maximum stand out from every angle with a full taxi wrap. Utilise every inch of the taxi to communicate your brand message and branding.

    Ideal for: Big launches and brands that want to make a big impact. Especially useful if planning to create PR content and use taxis for events.

    Taxi Supersides

    Deliver great branding across the bottom half of both sides.

    Ideal for: Brands looking to deliver high frequency campaigns for short durations and to maximise budgets

    Bespoke Decals

    We can create bespoke small decals.

    Ideal for: Brands wanting to utilise Taxi OOH media but on a very restricted budget or brands only needing a small image or logo advertised

    Taxi Tip Seat Advertising

    Taxi tip seat advertising offers an unparalleled dwell time of up to 1 hour to the hard to reach ABC1, professional and C-Suit audience. The no distractions environment inside the cabin allows brands to communicate more complicated messages and be extra creative using the 3 tip seats available in our EV taxis.

    Ideal for: Brands looking to communicate a more complex message and or looking to target a more affluent professional audience.

    Rear Window Contravision

    London’s traffic jams are worse than ever, so let’s help you make the most of them with these formats which are perfect for targeting the motorist stuck behind to read about your brand.

    Ideal for: Big brands looking to take their Wraps to the next level or brands specifically targeting motorists

    Exterior Format Options

    A choice of three advertising formats

    Click the format you want to view and drag with the mouse to explore.

    You get peace of mind when you book with Sherbet

    We have been delivering iconic taxi campaigns for over 25 years and have had the honour of creating and seeing through campaigns for all types of brands across all sectors. This has taught us a thing or two about what works to give your brand maximum impact against your objectives.

    We will work with you to optimise the creative both from a technical perspective ensuring the colours, die cuts and placements are perfect so your campaign looks just as good in real life as it does on the page.

    Taxi advertising creative needs to work hard to grab attention from near and far, be clear enough (on the right bits of the taxi) to be read and understood and to work well amongst the hectic buzz of London. We advise you on all of this.

    If you’d like us to handle this for you, please ask us. We have our own design team that can take on your brief and develop the creative for you with your sign off so you have one less thing to do.

    Where you also get total peace of mind is our excellent customer service and attention to detail in ensuring each taxi is accountable and hand selected to ensure it delivers on your geographic objectives.

    9 out of 10 past clients come back and re-book and they always tell us it’s down to our customer service and relentless pursuit to deliver what we promise you.

    Let’s get your campaign rolling

    Advertising packages

    From Eye-Catching Wraps to Premium In-Car Advertising, Sherbet Taxis’ 4 Best Packages Have You Covered!

    You now know what formats we offer but creating a campaign out of them will depend on what your brand objective is so get in contact and we can talk you through the options. Here are 4 of our most popular packages but they will always be tailored to your exact brand needs.

    Short-term tactical activations

    For brands that have a specific event, PR activity, limited budget or want to create fast and lasting Social content

    ‘The works’

    Ideal for new launches and all newsworthy brand activity that needs maximum standout and brand awareness

    Targeted industry or location

    Chosen to support brand objectives that over-index on certain London locations or target specific audiences for example airport travellers or high end shoppers etc

    ‘Insta cabs’ / Special Builds

    Every campaign we do is tailored to the client so contact us to get a detailed plan and quote for your next campaign

    Let’s get your campaign rolling

    PR Taxis and Events Taxis

    Let Your Brand Shine: Boost Your Advertising with a Bespoke PR Event from Sherbet London

    London Taxi advertising can be much more effective and multi-channel if you incorporate PR taxis and events taxis, giving you a much bigger impact campaign and more memorable activation.

    The London Black Taxi is globally iconic so it’s no surprise that influencers, the public, employees and VIPs love to be photographed with it and post about it. PR taxis are the ultimate Social media content props. Consider any key stakeholders you have, any events coming up, any content you need to create, any PR stunts you’d love to do and let us know so we can work with you to help incorporate them into your taxi advertising campaign.

    A Black Taxi campaign isn’t therefore just a standard OOH media campaign but one that can seamlessly and easily be amplified to create a significantly bigger activations using PR.

    PR and events taxis can work to amplify the following brand activations

    Influencer Campaigns and Content Generation
    Competition Interactive Taxis
    Brand Launches
    Special Builds
    Special Events
    Corporate Events
    Brand Immersion
    Press Coverage
    Employee Engagement
    Work ‘Do’ Transport
    CEO and VIP Shuttling

    Bespoke Packages

    Of course, we can also deliver bespoke PR taxis and Events taxi packages only, without the advertising but we tend to find most clients book advertising and add PR/Events onto the campaign to maximise value for money.

    If you are not sure of how to maximise your campaign, we can help you, just tell us what you are trying to achieve overall and we will come up with ideas for you.

    Bitesize PR Activations on a small budget

    If you are new to OOH advertising or have a limited PR budget, we can support you to get started with bitesize PR short-term activations that can be as condensed to 1-2 days only.

    These can be developed directly with the brand or with the Media agency.


    Don’t just take our word for it…

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    'Advertising testimonial to go here. Advertising testimonials to go here. Advertising testimonials to go here. Advertising testimonials to go here...

    Jenny Smith

    Two Branded Taxis to choose from

    Powering Up Your Advertising: How the latest model EV taxis compare to the classic taxi when it comes to your campaign

    Sherbet’s main and recommended Black Taxis are our green EV taxis. These provide the ultimate canvas for your branded and PR taxi.

    However, we also offer Standard Black Taxis which are ideal for building coverage at a more modest budget. Look at our comparison table below to see which option is best for you. We will also make a recommendation for you once we understand your objectives, timings and budget.

    All our taxi advertising format offerings are available across both taxis.

    Green EV Taxi
    Standard Black Taxis
    Contributes to CSR objectives
    New latest model London Black Taxis
    Maximised advertising space on the vehicle
    Fully trackable campaigns with in-taxi telematic system and ability to geo target campaigns
    Available for PR events with experienced events drivers
    Britain map illustration with map pins dropped on top

    Locations & National Coverage

    London and Beyond: Sherbet Taxis’ Extensive Coverage

    Whilst we are a London-based company and our EV fleet is London based, we also offer an expanding roster of cities nationally so you can run your PR and branded taxis wherever your brand needs to be. This map shows the cities we currently provide standard taxi advertising in. If you have a target city not listed below, please let us know as we are often able to (and love to) expand or reach.

    • Edinburgh      • Liverpool

    • Birmingham   • Sheffield

    • Glasgow           • Newcastle

    • Manchester     • Coventry

    Locations & National Coverage

    Drop us a line & drive your brand forward

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    Give us a call on 020 3948 3311


    Title for FAQ Section

    Do supersides need to have the same creative on each side?

    No. It is your choice whether to have both sides the same or to use a different creative. There is no extra cost if you choose to do this.

    Can I control where the taxis go?

    If you book the taxi under PR hours, then we can specify exactly where it can go, otherwise we can’t control its route. However, if you have specific areas you want covered, we can select the drivers and the taxis that are best placed geographically within London for your campaign objectives.

    Why are full wrap liveries more expensive?

    These high impact ads cover all sides of the taxi and take two people up to 4 hours to fit each taxi. There is also often more damage to the taxi paint post campaign.

    Do I have to pay extra for tip seats?

    Tip seats are included free of charge with your full wrap livery or superside package. Tip seats can also be bought separately.

    Do you cover outside London?

    We cover major UK cities and international locations.

    Can we place QR codes in the creative?

    Yes you can do this on inside tip seats. We encourage it in fact. However TFL will not allow QR codes on the exterior creative.

    Can you help us with creative?

    Absolutely, we have an experienced team who know how to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign. Let us know your creative requirements and we will price accordingly.

    Is there a minimum campaign requirement?

    As we own our taxis, we are very flexible and so you can book just 1 taxi for 1 day if you wanted to.

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