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    Let's reimagine the London Taxi

    Sherbet has a strong team of experts lead by the visionary founder, Asher Moses

    Asher Moses is an experienced business leader who has consistently identified untapped opportunities and achieved a series of multi-revenue stream businesses and commercial successes spanning three decades.

    Asher has spent over 20 years dedicating his life to advancing the iconic and world class London Black Taxi, and will continue his mission to prove that it can be revolutionised to become an essential part of any global 21st century Smart City.

    It all started back in 1989 when he passed The Knowledge test and became a licensed Black Taxi driver. He went on to acquire small fleets to start what is now the award winning Sherbet. In the early 90’s he spearheaded the first credit and debit card payments facilitator for the London Taxi trade. Subsequently, he identified an opportunity to commercialise taxi advertising and built this venture by buying Taxi Media from Clear Channel. He was then able to exit in 2011 by selling the company to VeriFone, a NASDAQ company.



    Sherbet launched in October


    Started Sherbet Taxi Media


    Built a fleet of 100 first class iconic taxis


    Acquired Drinkwater Taxis - Fleet size now 300


    Acquired Camberfield Taxis - Fleet size now 400


    Acquired Premier Taxis - Fleet size now 630


    Acquired Putney Bridge Taxis and became an LTC warranty dealer


    Started Sherbet Ride, launched FCA process for Sherbet Wallet, Introduced 50 electric taxis to the fleet


    Electric taxi fleet now 120


    Changed name to Sherbet Electric Taxi Company, Electric taxi fleet now 168, Sherbet wallet became FCA approved

    "Sherbet Electric Taxi Company working with the mayor of London leading the way; to embrace change, make London safer and drive cleaner air for London and Londoners"

    Asher truly believes that the London Black Taxi is the future for safe, green, efficient travel and has upgraded his Sherbet fleet to the latest model electric taxis and helping do the industry’s bit to support the Mayor’s air quality objectives.

    There’s still more the London Black Taxi can offer and he works relentlessly to leverage 5G technology for his fleet, so that each taxi is a connected mobile data hub, collecting critical information for municipalities and ultimately, the future Smart City anywhere in the world.

    Asher is passionate about leading the way towards a greener, safer, future for London and building a stronger legacy for the iconic London Black Taxi, taking it from Diesel to Data, and more.



    Sherbet. A proven success story.