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    Our London Black Taxi advertising gives you maximum impact for your brand campaign with minimum environmental impact and full peace of mind.

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    Why Advertise with Sherbet?

    The London Black Taxi is an icon and institution the world over. It’s as ‘London’ as you can get and omnipresent around the city. Not all London taxi advertising is the same however. There are roughly 21,000 Black Taxis in London. The Sherbet Electric Taxi Co is the leading advertiser for premium and electric taxi advertising, trusted by some of the most well-known brands in the world. Here are just some of our clients.

    We surveyed our past clients and this is what they said

    *June 2024 anonymous survey to clients of 2023 & 2024 campaigns*

    Highly recommended

    10 out of 10 past clients would recommend Sherbet Media to other brands and media agencies

    Value for money

    10 out of 10 past clients said Sherbet Taxi Advertising Media delivers value for money

    Clients come back

    10 out of 10 past clients would come back to Sherbet Media. In fact, 100% of our business is word of mouth

    Our Clients

    So with 21,000 taxis out there, why choose Sherbet for your brand advertising?

    We are the only advertiser owning our fleet and therefore we have a strong and trusting relationship with all our taxi drivers. This ensures you get exactly what you expect with full peace of mind. If you need advertising coverage outside of London or if you need a significantly sized campaign within London, we also have a tried, tested and trusted network of drivers to carry your brand whilst also offering you a guaranteed minimum percentage of our own premium Sherbet Taxis.

    The advantages of advertising with Sherbet

    Sherbet Media Vype Marble Arch Advertising London

    Reach and Coverage

    Our London Taxis do serious (green!) miles back and forth across all the major routes in and around London (think airports and all the central stations and venues). They also go to every corner, nook and cranny of London that absolutely no other media can match. Most OOH media is static and restricted to certain routes only. We are your own moving billboard seen in the most hard-to-reach central streets to the smallest cul-de-sacs. This is important because your campaign is guaranteed to be seen, no matter where it is in London.

    Geo-Targeting Advertising

    Our fleet is fitted with highly sophisticated in-taxi tracking and we know each and every one of our drivers so if you have a specific target location for your brand advertising, we are able to identify and select the most suitable drivers that most frequent your desired area. We will also deliver a Post Campaign Analysis which includes detailed accurate geo-targeted reporting on your campaign.


    Each of our taxis averages almost 600 miles a week! You can imagine how many times they cover the key routes across London’s hot spots. It’s important for your brand to be seen frequently so your brand message is guaranteed to be delivered to your audience.

    Embassy Gardens Taxis London Eye with a full taxi wrap

    Iconic status

    The London Black Taxi is intrinsic to the city of London. It’s a tourist attraction in itself. It’s been around for donkeys and is known the world over. You can’t think ‘London’ without thinking; The Monarchy, the post box, the double-decker and of course the iconic London Black Taxi. It is driven by the most qualified taxi drivers in the world who have each completed the gruelling Knowledge Test which is thought to be equivalent to a university degree as it takes 4 years to learn London streets inside out. At Sherbet we go one step further by selecting only la creme de la creme drivers who not only pass ‘The Knowledge’ but exhibit extra customer service excellence and have that famous Sherbet ‘can do’ attitude. On top of that, we have our own workshops to regularly service each taxi, keeping them safe, clean and in perfect working order.

    Electric Taxis

    Our entire taxi fleet is electric, which means you can advertise your brand with a clean conscience. We only buy the latest spec TXE Vista Comfort Plus model which is the most advanced on the market, meaning your brand is advertised on the best of the best.

    Award-winning brand

    Sherbet The Electric Taxi Co have been winning awards across the board for many years from Excellence in Customer Service to Innovation. It’s nice to blow our own trump but we’re telling you this so you know that your precious brand is in safe hands.

    Service and expertise

    We’ve been advertising on taxis since 1995 and we can guarantee there isn’t a bespoke solution that we haven’t yet delivered (and yes, that is a challenge!). Every day we work on new campaigns with different needs and always find solutions to effectively plan and execute them for you. We can even use our designers to create your advertising campaign if you’d like us to manage the whole process for you. That’s why we are incredibly proud that most of our clients return to advertise with us time and time again.

    Amazing taxi advertising location photography

    When you advertise with us we can organise incredible location photography of your branded taxis in some of the most iconic landmarks around London so you can use them for your Socials and impress your CEO!

    You already have a media agency?
    No problem. We frequently work with and support existing agencies and always succeed in making beautiful taxi
    advertising together.

    We are often the taxi advertiser of choice by media agencies so we are very used to working with them directly. We work very hard to offer reasonably priced packages so if you want to set us a budget challenge and work with your agency direct, we would more than happily do that.

    The taxi advertising process from start to finish

    Advertise on a Sherbet in 10 simple steps:

    We try our hardest to make the process as easy as possible. Typically it goes like this…

    01. Brief

    Client contacts us (directly or via media agency) with either a budget or a brand objective, or both.

    02. Proposal

    We propose a recommendation (typically on the same day) best suited to their brief. Included in the proposal are costs for a pic n mix approach to give the client maximum flexibility, transparency and ownership for their campaign.

    03. Approval

    The client makes a decision on the campaign and format.

    04. Design

    We provide die-cut specs to clients who wish to design their own taxi advertising (the majority) or ask us to design their taxis for them.

    05. Artwork

    We review the artwork and provide expert feedback on how to optimise it.

    06. TFL approval

    Once the design is agreed upon, we handle the approval process with TFL for the clients.

    07. Printing

    The lead time is typically 2 weeks from approval to printing all the taxi wrapping for your campaign.

    08. Wrapping

    Depending on the number of taxis involved in your campaign, it can take anywhere between 1 week to 10 days to complete the process of physically wrapping the taxis. However we start rolling the newly branded taxis out a few days prior to completion.

    09. Launch!

    Depending on the size of the campaign we will offer a professional photo shoot of your taxis with some of the most breathtaking London backdrops. These photos will be delivered to you within 3 days of your launch day for social and internal purposes.

    10. Analysis

    Once the campaign is completed we will deliver a full Post Campaign Analysis for you.

    Sherbet Advertising Analysis

    ROI, Post Campaign Analysis & Tracking


    The Sherbet Electric Taxi fleet is a cutting-edge fleet that is all fitted with GPS trackers, meaning you will receive a thorough post-campaign analysis based on accurate telematic data.

    Due to the sophistication of our tracking capabilities, you can choose to have your post-campaign analysis report kept at a high level of aggregates or drilled down to street level by minute, or anywhere in between. Most of our clients like to keep their analysis high level with the exception of key target London locations so we drill down into those areas to give more accurate data for critical routes or locations, for example, if a brand has a physical store or other OOH advertising locations.

    We are also happy to provide campaign analysis dips so you can be up to speed with your mileage and heat map locations during the campaign period, especially if it stretches into the months.

    Our clients love the heat maps that we provide which showcase the aggregate mileage on a video file of your exact campaign taxis so you can see the penetration of your brand across London.

    Typical data we provide for your campaign:

    • Mileage
    • Exact location heat maps
    • Top Boroughs visited
    • Number of hours worked
    • Carbon offset and carbon emissions savings
    • Volume of journeys
    • Average dwell time inside the taxis
    • Top routes

    And all the above can be provided in real time. We will provide you a PCA presentation which includes a summary stats slide to make it easy for you to share internally.

    Sherbet Advertising Tips

    Our top tips to help you maximise the impact of your campaign.

    We are proud to have delivered Black Taxi campaigns for over ten years! With thousands of campaigns under our belt, we know a thing or two about what works creatively to give your brand maximum impact.

    We will work with you to optimise the creative in two ways:

    – We look at the technical side of the creative ensuring the colours, die cuts and placements are perfect so your campaign looks just as good in real life as it does on the screen.
    – We also consider the creative and may advise you on some changes to really help you meet your objectives.

    Taxi advertising creative needs to work hard to grab attention from near and far and be easily understood as the taxi drives past. London is a busy city so taxi advertising has to cut through the noise.

    Here are some tips to consider for your design:

    • Ensure your brand name and logo occupy a big area of the taxi surface to ensure brand awareness is delivered first and foremost
    • When it comes to your Single-Minded Message, ensure it’s placed on a flat area of the taxi
    • Avoid placing any letters on the door-fold
    • If you have an App, include your app icon
    • Ensure you carefully choose a Key Visual that is easy to digest from a distance – this may be a more simplified visual than one used in other media
    • Carefully choose text colours that are easily legible on the background colour
    • Make it pop! Choose the brightest colour from your brand bible and make it the background
    • Make the most of the high dwell time for designing tip seats. Include detailed content and ideally, a QR code taking them to your call to action

    Why Taxi Advertising?

    Why use branded and PR Black Taxis?

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    Which advertising format is right for your campaign?

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    Take a look at the best taxi advertising around London.

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    Can we request specific routes?

    We can tailor a campaign to focus around geo-targeted zones. Your salesperson will be able to share more information on how we successfully deliver this. In addition, you can book PR hours to hire your branded taxi exclusively for a day and we will work with you to co-ordinate the itinerary. This can be for event activation, VIP transfers or just strategic placement outside key locations.

    Can we specific location photography?

    Certainly, we aim to offer a bespoke customer service. We will always check in with you to confirm ideal locations before any photoshoot.

    Can we only run campaigns in London?

    Sherbet operates across the UK as well as having partners in the EU and USA. Please contact your salesperson for more information on all the cities and geographies we cover.

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