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    Our Mission

    To bring the iconic London Black Cab into our future.

    Sherbet is more than an Electric Taxi company, it delivers three services

    Sherbet Ride:  Guaranteed safe, sustainable and affordable Electric Taxis for both corporates and Londoners alike. The Sherbet App is the only app that guarantees electric black taxis.

    Sherbet Drive:  The Electric Black Taxi rental provider of choice for the world-famous Knowledge qualified and TfL Licensed drivers.  Three warranty centres around London also provide maintenance, breakdown and repair services for all taxis.

    Sherbet Advertise: An in-house media agency specialising in electric taxi advertising and PR packages for brands wanting sustainable advertising and a high level of control. Sophisticated analytics help track coverage and reach whilst the ‘moving billboards’ can be used to cover hard-to-reach areas.

    Choose Sherbet. It’s driving the future

    Sherbet’s vision is to offer the most future proofed version of the world famous London Black Taxi and make it relevant for the modern city and passenger.


    Don’t just take our word for it, we are being recognised for all our efforts

    Our Values

    Our core values are what makes us unique and drive our success


    We are the fastest growing Electric Taxi company in London because are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and guarantee a fleet of 100% Electric taxis.


    If any part of our service can be optimised with better technology, we will invest in it.


    Sherbet believe that trust is essential in every aspect of our day to day business because people rely on us.  We are open, honest and transparent.


    Sherbet respect everyone.  Our business has been built on respect, inclusion and diversity.


    Sherbet started as a family business and still thrives on family values.  Our team are our family and our customers are our extended family.

    Sherbet has a strong team of experts lead by the visionary founder,
    Asher Moses

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    Our Board

    Asher Moses
    Fathi Mohamed
    David Morris
    Malcolm Paice

    Our Management Team

    Asher Moses

    Founder & CEO

    Jacob Moses

    Director of Operations

    Lee Drinkwater

    Fleet Director

    Leah Melinek

    Media Director

    Noman Boodoo

    Head of Finance

    Dan Lehmann

    Head of Investment

    Rachel Dale

    Interim Operations Manager

    Rebecca Holmes

    EA to CEO

    Eden Moses

    Bookings Manager

    Sujai Sugathan

    Aftersales Manager (Putney)

    Halla Ragi

    Senior Marketing Specialist

    Felicity Chasney

    Senior Business Analyst

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