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    October 27, 2020

    Sherbet London Electric Taxi

    We’re delighted to announce our new service ‘Sherbet On Demand’

    Due to the difficulties we have all faced recently, we have taken the opportunity to relook at the traditional taxi rental model, and have decided it is time to offer an alternative.

    An alternative that allows for flexibility, agility to change at short notice and the opportunity for our Drivers to create the ‘shift’ framework that works for them – in the new climate.

    Our new service allows drivers to rent when they need to, whether it is one shift a week, or a duration of six weeks – our on-demand rental taxis will be ready when you are. Conveniently located, fully charged, and ready to go.

    Email shift@sherbetlondon.com to register your interest.


    Why rent per shift?

    We believe our industry has changed significantly over the last few months. More drivers are looking to reduce hours and as such, they feel they are unable to afford to rent an electric taxi, this way electric taxis are available for everyone irrespective of work pattern, shift, or budget level.

    Where are the Taxis located?

    We will start with three locations across London. One in the South, one in the West, and one in North London. Our plan is to have over 100 conveniently located across London and the suburbs.

    What Taxis do we use?
    We use the Electric LEVC TXE.

    Will the taxis be charged?
    Yes, the taxi will be charged and ready to go. All charging costs are included in per shift rental cost

    What Shifts are available?
    Taxis will be available on a two-shift per day pattern – Shift one 5:30 am to 15:30 pm, Shift two 18:00pm -3:00 am.

    How many Shifts per week can I book?
    You are free to book as many as you wish, a price discount will be available should you book a double shift.

    How do I book?
    To start, we will allocate you with via your rental coordinator, you can talk directly and book the shifts you need.

    I have never driven an electric TXE before?
    This is not a problem, we offer a full induction.

    How do I access the taxi?
    You will be given full training, it’s very simple.

    How much does it cost per shift?
    Shifts start at £38, taxi charged, cleaned, and ready to go.

    Is it for Green and Yellow badges?
    Yes, it’s available to everyone.

    How can I register my interest?
    Please complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

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