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    Experience Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Transportation: Introducing Our Accessible Purpose-Built Electric Black Taxis

    Embark on a journey where accessibility, sustainability, and comfort converge seamlessly.

    At Sherbet Electric Taxis, we are committed to revolutionising urban mobility by offering inclusive and eco-friendly transportation solutions. Our purpose-built electric transfers are more than just vehicles; they are symbols of progress, equality, and convenience. With a focus on accessibility at the core of our service, we strive to provide a transportation experience that is accessible to all, regardless of mobility challenges. Join us as we redefine what it means to travel with dignity, respect, and environmental consciousness.

    Our Vehicles

    Crafted with innovation and accessibility in mind, our purpose-built electric black taxis represent the pinnacle of modern transportation technology. From the spacious interiors that accommodate up to six passengers comfortably to the panoramic sunroof that invites natural light and stunning views of the capital, every aspect of our vehicles is tailored to enhance your journey. With advanced safety features, electrically driven, and seamless accessibility features including wheelchair ramps and swivel seats, our taxis set the standard for inclusive and sustainable urban transportation. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring the city, or embarking on a special outing, our vehicles offer the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and conscientious design.

    Our Drivers

    At the heart of our service are our exceptional drivers, carefully selected as ambassadors of inclusivity and professionalism. Trained not just in the art of driving via the knowledge of London, but also in accessibility and wheelchair protocols, our drivers embody empathy and expertise. They understand that each passenger is unique and may require personalised assistance, whether it’s helping with boarding, securing mobility aids, or simply providing a friendly conversation along the way. Committed to ensuring every journey is not just safe, but also enjoyable and accommodating, our drivers go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

    What help is available...

    Our dedicated 24/7 team are on hand to discuss your specific transfer requirements
    Our drivers will be briefed on your specific needs prior to your pick up time
    Our electric taxis are fully equip with a wheelchair ramp and step and swivel seats for mobility
    We only have one vehicle type, the LEVC TXE Vista Comfort Plus, purpose-built for your needs

    Need a hand? Sign up to Access To Work

    Committed Drivers

    Our drivers love what they do, and here's why

    Professional Service

    Our drivers are trained, and will assist you with your unique requirements

    Spacious 6-seater

    Our taxis have more than enough space for you and others

    Stress-free, Simple, Reliable

    Our passengers love travelling with us, see for yourself

    Let us make your journey stress-free

    Give us a call on

    Give us a call on 020 3948 3311

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