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    Who is Sherbet?

    Sherbet Ride launched in 2018 and has seen rapid growth in the London market. Sherbet continues to win back work from the large private hire companies. We believe that we now have a taxi to out-compete any other executive vehicles on the market. As London’s first all-electric taxi fleet, we pride ourselves on offering customers a high-end professional service. We aim to deliver our VIPs from A to B in style. With a smart driver, in a pristine taxi, at competitive fixed fares.

    The facts

    Taxi driver support

    We understand our Drivers' needs and are here for you. Our expert driver support and 24/7 dispatch teams are always on hand.

    Quality taxi driving

    Quality drivers = Enhanced earnings. Sherbet Ride’s account holder clients and individual users are London’s highest quality customers.

    No obligations

    Our only expectation is once you have accepted a Sherbet Ride job – Meter off, clean taxi, and VIP service.


    Don't just take our word for it...

    I haven't been with Sherbet long, maybe 5 months and I’m only a part-time driver but I have been impressed with the way things have been dealt with over these very strange times. All the people I see every time I come in to pick up a cab are always polite and professional.

    In my 30 odd years of driving a cab, I have rented from many garages. Without a doubt, Sherbet are the very best. The staff are exceptional and always do their best to help. I feel I have a whole bunch of mates at my garage. Even as a part-timer I get the best treatment they can give me.

    Wouldn’t go anywhere else....top people top firm and I will be telling that to anyone who will listen

    Thanks once again I haven’t been with Sherbet long but would never go to any other garage now

    To Asher and all team sherbet I have rented from many cab companies in my 30 years but have been as understanding and helpful

    Would like to say a big thank you to Lee for getting me in an Electric Taxi, this cab is a game-changer will see how running cost compare to tx4 after 1 day it's looking good also a thank you to Michael who guided me through the ins and outs

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    Our driver's questions

    Do I have to accept a job?

    No, you don't have to accept a job although if you are empty and nearest to the job, we would very much appreciate the assistance in covering. We encourage you to keep your app 'ONLINE' at all times when you're working, so that we can see where you are and offer you the right work for you.

    How can I look at and book future jobs?

    We want to help you plan your day and our job pool is the best place to do this. We understand the constant grind of street work and the benefits of incremental revenue via app work comes into play when you utilise the job pool correctly. Just tap on the 'Job Pool' tab (3rd from bottom left) to access the pool. You will be able to see all future jobs that are available. Once you are happy with the job details, click on 'Accept Booking' and this will put you in the pool. Once the job has been allocated to you, it will show up in your 'Upcoming' tab.

    How can I cancel a job?

    We would hope that you would not cancel a job unless it's an emergency or a mistake - however, if you wish to cancel a job, please contact the Sherbet Ride office on 020 3948 3311 to cancel your booking. Alternatively, you can use the 'Cab Chat' tab (furthest on the bottom right) to inform the office of your need to cancel. Please give us as much notice as possible when cancelling a job to enable us to cover swiftly.

    When do I get paid?

    We have recently introduced a payment run twice a week. Jobs completed from Friday to Monday will be paid on the Tuesday Jobs completed from Tuesday to Thursday will also be paid on the Friday. All payment runs are followed by a statement.


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