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    June 5, 2019

    Accessibility Sherbet Ride Drive Electric Taxi London


    With the introduction of the newest technology of emission-free vehicles, London taxis provide an environmentally friendly and high-quality service

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    Our unique combination of offering environmentally friendly Electric taxis, professionally trained chauffeurs and in-depth knowledge of London means our comprehensive range of services are valued by discerning business and private customers throughout the city of London. We offer a truly personal service with drivers and customer service who take pride in the level of care and attention paid to make sure passengers enjoy the best possible customer experience using Sherbet RIDE.

    The fact that the experience of using black cabs in London has improved significantly with the introduction of the new environmentally-friendly electric taxis, which replace the existing TX model, has been recognised by the press. However, there is very little coverage about Electric taxi accessibility.

    Many passengers want to know certain safety details such as how much headroom there is in the doorway, how sturdy the ramp is and what the turning circle inside is like.

    Our accessibility trained professional Electric taxi drivers will have the ramp ready for passengers who use a wheelchair at arrival. The ramp is sturdy and can handle up to 250kg and is suitable for the majority of wheelchair users. For a hassle-free experience, the ramp is located in between the floor of the taxi and can take just a few seconds to be taken out, set up, and slid away.


    In contrast with the old TX’s, all-electric taxis benefit from large headroom and space inside which makes turning a wheelchair around and travelling forwards or backwards very easy.

    The interior floor is completely flat, without intrusion, and covered in a slip-resistant material. What’s more, electric taxis have a simpler set of restraining belts to hold a wheelchair in place, longer than usual high-visibility handles and seat edges, swivel seats for easy access, a hearing loop on the intercom system and a built-in step to help passengers get into the door.

    The rear-hinged passenger door opens a full 90 degrees to create a large, un-obtruded aperture with a minimum width at its narrowest point of 80cm.



    In conclusion, Electric taxis are significantly more accessible than other TX models on the road. Both drivers and passengers can benefit from the newest safety and technology features in environmentally friendly low emission vehicles.


    Download the Sherbet Ride App on Android & iOS to Hire an Electric Taxi with us today!



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