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  • Effective CO2 Data Reporting For Your Business

    July 16, 2020

    We are living in a connected and data-driven world. However, when it comes to corporate travel, making sure that your business has adequate carbon and sustainability reporting tools can be often costly and time-consuming. Sherbet Ride can help you save time and reduce costs by effectively showcasing carbon emission data captured from your corporate travel.

    Here’s How We Make It Easy For You

    Our fleet of Sherbet Electric Taxi utilizes the latest technology which enables us to offer the highest level of carbon emissions offset for your business.

    Each electric taxi emits only 29g/km of CO2 versus 222g/km in standard diesel model. All taxis are tracked across our entire network by Intelligent Telematics systems and each journey is monitored by a dedicated account manager who proactively supports you to optimise your service. Our systems automatically register information including

    • Total monthly carbon emissions savings
    • Total miles driven
    • Total no of journeys
    • Total spend

    This information is collected and analysed to showcase our clients’ full report of all trips made with their CO2 emissions in tailored monthly statements. The data can be illustrated in graphs or heatmaps showing the CO2 savings per passenger with consolidated MI reports giving you full visibility of spend across all booking channels.

    Why Report?

    The Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013 has required all UK quoted companies to report on their carbon emissions as part of their annual Directors’ Report from 1st of October 2013 (for all UK incorporated companies listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange, a European Economic Area market or whose shares are dealing on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ). However, the government strongly encourages all other companies to report likewise. What is more, according to the PwC Global 500 Report 2013 Carbon Disclosure Project, “Approximately 70% of Global 500 currently reports their business travel carbon footprint. 51% of companies selected reputation as a common opportunity”. This practice could also be a powerful tool for building your brand’s green credentials and reputation.

    Offsetting Travel Carbon Emissions

    Over the years, the practice of offsetting travel carbon emissions has become increasingly popular. More than ever, businesses are implementing new green travel initiatives to address the issues of climate change.

    The FCM Travel defines carbon offsetting as ‘neutralising a metric tonne of CO2 equivalent emitted in one place by avoiding the release of a CO2 elsewhere or absorbing CO2 that would have otherwise remained in the atmosphere.’ With corporate travel, companies are reducing the number of harmful emissions emitted into the atmosphere by diesel vehicles to limiting their impact on the environment.

    Switch to Green with Sherbet

    Sherbet Ride is committed to promoting sustainable travel and putting environmentally friendly practices at the front of our business. Does your business have an account with a taxi or private hire company in London? If so why not think about a switch to greener travel with a Sherbet Ride Corporate account. We contribute towards cleaner air in London without costing your business more. We can provide cleaner ground transportation in our new electric taxis at extremely competitive rates. Riding with Sherbet can actually help you with your business Corporate Social Responsibility through sustainable travel, making it easy to understand and offset your carbon footprint.

    Source: FCM Travel https://www.fcmtravel.com/en-de/resources/guides/carbon-footprint-for-travel

    For more information visit www.sherbetride.com

    Set up a Sherbet Ride Corporate Account 

    Or speak to our team 0203 948 3311

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