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    September 30, 2020

    According to new data presented by The Guardian in the above graph, road traffic levels across outer London areas are now far higher than this time last year. The difference in traffic congestion compared with 2019 aligns with Sherbet’s recent Intelligent Telematics data which captures commuting and travel taxi movements and Sherbet Ride journey trends.

    Sherbet owns our inventory, so we can offer a unique and effective advertising ROI with the right geography layering and up-to-date insight data. We track and report every taxi as it delivers a campaign through Intelligent Telematic journey data, digital photo recording, and GPS tracking. In particular, we’ve recently observed that our Geofence mapping journey movement data within key outer London hotspot areas such as Wandsworth, Putney, Clapham, Chelsea, Harrow, Hounslow, Walthamstow, and Ilford is increasing significantly across the last few weeks. This indicates that people are moving around the capital differently within the current climate. Taxis go where people go – the demand + geography reflect the demographic movements within our new norm.

    The numbers of coverage across these outer London areas of focus are constantly increasing every day. Additionally, they mirror the Sherbet app journeys we are currently running including regular school runs, hospital appointments, film companies transporting crew and talent, business and corporate accounts journeys, airport transfers, and secure courier services.

    A recent YouGov data (shared every 2 weeks) which analyses differentials in terms of behavioural changes and trends indicate that city workers and ABC1 audiences living in outer London areas favors taxi as a mode of transport, often noticing advertisments on taxis and they agree that OOH has helped them to become aware of new products and services.

    Similarly, our customer statistics from Sherbet Ride indicate currently, the public prefers to choose Black Taxis over other forms of transport as they are a safer and cleaner way to travel with its purpose-built partition screen separating the driver from the passengers. This trend is very likely to continue making it a perfect opportunity for brands to reconnect and reach their audiences through the taxi advertising medium. Sherbet Media can tailor any campaign to particular needs, budgets, and areas based on journey data delivering transparent ROI and added assurance in this current climate.

    Source: The Guardian, Sherbet Intelligent Telematics, Sherbet Ride Database, YouGov Data

    Get in touch with our team sales@sherbetlondon.com to find out more about how we can help with maximising the innovative, creative potential of campaigns by using bespoke techniques and technologies.

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