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  • Interview with Iqbal Chaudary – Workshop & Service Manager at Sherbet Putney Bridge Taxis

    February 1, 2021

    Please meet Iqbal Chaudary – Workshop & Service Manager at Sherbet Putney Bridge Taxis

    Could you tell us about yourself and what is your role at Sherbet Putney Bridge?

    My name is Iqbal Chaudary. I am a qualified Mechanical Engineer, & Electrical Engineer for Passenger Vehicles, With over 20 years of experience, Specializing in Mercedes-Benz Passenger Vehicles. I am a fully qualified AMG expert, along with extensive Training on Hybrid and High Voltage vehicles. I started off working as an apprentice mechanic,  working my way up to a Diagnostic Technician. For many years I have taught many apprentices turning them into fully qualified technicians. Before joining Sherbet, I was a Workshop Manager, and Team leader running a team of 12 Technicians at Mercedes-Benz.

    My role at Sherbet Putney Bridge is as Workshop Manager / Service Manager. I manage the day to day running of the business. Whether there is a customer query relating to work carried out on their taxi, or if it’s a question regarding a part that required falls in my line of duties. I also control the workflow of the workshop. I am very much focused on CSI and am trying my best to offer the highest level of service to our customers, also to build our owner driver network and retain all of our greatly valued customers.

    What happens in Sherbet Putney Bridge on a daily basis? 

    Day to day at Putney Bridge we carry out approved service and body repairs to LTI, LTC, or LEVC taxis. We are an approved LEVC warranty dealer, so we can carry out any warranty repairs you may require for your cab. We have a wide range of very experienced Mechanics and Technicians, with factory training, who are very familiar with taxis and are ready to give the care required to your cab.

    What does Putney Bridge offer to taxi owner drivers? 

    We offer all Service Repairs for your taxis, from carrying out annual maintenance services to Air Conditioning & Transmission services. We can carry out full engine rebuilds, to replacement of your vehicle chassis. We also have a highly experienced Body shop for all your Accident repairs, fault or non-fault. So if you want to get your taxi prepared for your annual overhaul, or have been involved in an accident, we can repair your taxi, tell your insurance you want to use us, and we can deal direct with your insurance to take away the stress of making calls back and forth.

    What equipment/technology is currently used by technicians/mechanics for the vehicle diagnostics at Sherbet Putney Bridge?

    We use up to date manufacturer-approved diagnostics for your TX4 and your Electric LEVC Taxi.

    What is the price range of taxi services and are there any deals?

    Taxis Services start from £95 for a basic service. Yes, we do offer a range of special deals to customers which are constantly changing throughout the year, as we want our customers to take advantage of offers given to us by our business associates.

    Does Sherbet at Putney Bridge offer spare taxis for owner drivers who are waiting to have their services done?

    Yes, we do have spare TXE Electric Taxis and TX4 Taxis available to offer for owner drivers.

    How often should an Electric Taxi be maintained/serviced?

    The Electric Cab is serviced annually in around its birth date, or every 25k miles.

    What is the best way to book a service at Putney Bridge and where is it located?  

    The best way to book a service repair at Sherbet Putney Bridge is by Calling us on 020 7736 8818 or 020 8568 9643 and speaking to one of our helpful team, who would be happy to book your vehicle in for when you require. We are very flexible, with a quick turn around.

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