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    April 11, 2019


    With ULEZ launch on the 8th April, we are committed to reducing air pollution on London’s roads with our fleet of Electric Taxis

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    ULEZ map TFLSince the 8th of April 2019, a new Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is in place in Central London, demanding most vehicles to meet tighter exhaust emission standards or be liable to a daily charge. This may affect many businesses based in the ULEZ zone.

    Our CEO and Founder Asher Moses says:

    ‘We are committed to playing our part in helping replace traditional diesel taxis with 21st-century electric taxis which represent an environmental benefit to the people of London and the planet. Already the largest fleet of electric taxis in London, our ambition is to grow to 1,000 electric vehicles nationwide over the next three years – helping to protect our environment for future generations to enjoy.’


    Our electric taxis (which are ultra-low emission vehicles) provide you with stylish, comfortable transport and help your company reduce its carbon footprint. As well as providing wheelchair access, they feature a suite of in-cab technology – including Wi-Fi, charging points, panoramic sunroof, air-con, and a privacy compartment.



    With ULEZ zone 2019 introduction most vehicles are liable for a daily charge to drive in central London. It might be targeted at improving air quality and reducing city congestion, but it gives us all a chance to make a positive change in our ecosystems and switch to the low emission Future of Commuting. That’s why Sherbet is offering a free consultation to businesses based in the ULEZ zone and wider London area explaining how the new requirements can impact your business and how we can help reduce your carbon footprint by using our Electric and locally sourced Taxis. 


    Is YOUR business ready? Contact for more info.

    Make your next taxi journey a Sherbet journey.

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