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    February 25, 2021

    Sherbet Electric Taxis are here to ease the stress of going back to school and other places of education

    Remember pre-March 2020 when the school runs not only brought London’s roads to a standstill, it costs UK families £1.66 billion a year. According to the motor insurer Egg, half a million parents in the capital drive their children to school between 7.30 am and 8.45 am and back from 3 pm to 4.15 pm. In addition to the time we use to spend in our cars because of traffic, there are costs attached to the school run. Fuel accounted for 80 percent of school-run costs with £3,000 spent on petrol over a child’s school career. Add to this the costs of parking, insurance, damaged vehicles, repairs, and maintenance of vehicles, the school run soon becomes an expensive part of family life. We also have the environmental cost of the school run with millions of tonnes of CO2 and other harmful gases pouring out of our exhausts and into our natural environment.

    In the last 12 months, we have endured and lived through the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools have been closed and opened at various different points but we now have the roadmap out of lockdown as we start to look to the future and a new normal. The environmental benefits on our cities have been reported widely in the media with cleaner air measurements and the benefit this has on all of us.  Are we now going to go back to spending time, money and polluting our air with the return to school?

    Getting children back into the classroom for face-to-face education and social development is a priority for all of us. Schools are returning on the 8th of March 2021. As parents, we are naturally worried about ensuring we are protecting our children and keeping them as safe as possible from COVID-19. We have to balance the school run with working from home for a while longer. The natural instinct is to get behind the wheel and drive our children to school safely, but do you have time? Have you enjoyed the benefits of cleaner air? Have you enjoyed the savings from using your car less?

    Have you thought about the alternative?

    Sherbet Electric Taxis offer a safe, clean, and green transport solution to parents to ensure their children get to school safe and secure.

    Our Taxis are the latest modern electric taxis in London so we can ensure your child travels in a purpose-built passenger compartment with a purpose-built partition that can offer 2m social distancing from the driver. The passenger compartment has a separate climate control system from the driver and the vehicle is cleaned after every trip to ensure the highest safety precautions are taken and offered. In addition, our vehicles are Electric which means we positively contribute to our air quality. We also have free WiFi so your children can connect their phones & tablets whilst we transport them to school.

    Sherbet have the world’s best taxi drivers. Not only have they spent on average 3 years learning every street and point of interest in London, but they have gone through an exceptionally tough vetting process with TFL that includes a CRB check so you have the confidence that our taxi drivers are trusted.

    Sherbet takes this a step further by going through a rigorous engagement process with licensed Taxi Drivers and those drivers who are successful enjoy Sherbet’s Onboarding training that focuses on customer service, vehicles, and also NHS UK COVID-19 effective cleaning to further enhance safety.

    We offer competitive, cost-effective fixed prices on all trips and we can enhance the service by offering a dedicated driver for getting your children to and from school safely. Our new booking App allows you to track the progress of your trips so you can see when your children have arrived at school and when they are on their way home to you.  You can book, track, amend and cancel your trips on our App helping give you total control.

    Martyn Hambley | General Manager


    Want to know more or discuss your school travel support requirements?

    Call our dedicated Sherbet Ride team today on 020 3948 3311 or email ride@sherbetlondon.com and one of our team will call you back to discuss your specific school transport requirements.

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