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    March 2, 2021

    Back To Work

    Since the Prime Minister unveiled the roadmap out of lockdown, we have seen an increase in enquiries and messages from London Taxi Drivers to find out when is the best time to come back to work.

    Across social media we have seen the right questions being asked by cab drivers;

    “How’s the street?”

    “Is it worth coming back yet?”

    “Are you earning?”

    Inevitably and understandably many responses include “Not worth it yet”, “Only done £75 today”. However, the light at the end of the tunnel is definitely getting brighter as more positive responses such as “you put the work in & you will go home with money in your pocket”, “definitely improving”, “more good days than bad days now”, “came back 2 weeks ago and happy given the situation” are starting to surface.

    Is now a good time to come back to work?

    London is slowly coming back to life. Schools return on Monday 8th March, this means more people will be moving and want to be moved. The weather is getting better so more people will start to go outside. The CEO of Goldman Sachs has announced that Goldman staff will be returning to the offices, we are seeing bookings coming back for schools runs, taxi bookings from Corporate customers, enquiries from new corporate customers all wanting to know more about Sherbet Electric Taxi services as they are starting to plan for the new normal.

    We have spent the last 12 months supporting taxi drivers who trust Sherbet with discounted rental rates. We are going to spend the next 12 months supporting taxi drivers who trust and put faith in Sherbet to provide them with a reliable taxi to earn money. We have Electric Taxis and Diesel Taxis available to rent.

    If you’re thinking about coming back to work, pick up the phone & call us, 020 3948 3315, and let us show you how you can trust us to get you back to work.

    Stay Safe and looking forward to welcoming you to the Sherbet Family.

    Asher Moses


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