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  • Sherbet Ride Electric Taxi Powering the Zero Emission Mission To Europe

    November 28, 2019

    The iconic London Black Cab is powering a Euro Mission to Germany for the Eco Grand Prix on 29th November.
    The expedition aims to promote sustainable transport alternatives, strengthen EU trade
    and promote healthy competition in collaboration with the 24-hour race – whatever
    happens with Brexit.

    Sherbet Ride CEO Asher Moses said: “It’s great to see the much loved iconic licensed
    London Electric taxi taking part in the EV Euro mission. We are establishing a
    community that enables us to future proof of the London Taxi transport infrastructure.
    The Electric Vehicle drivers will depart from London Bridge on Thursday 28th November
    and embark on the 1,200-mile cross channel expedition to the Motorsport Arena in
    Oschersleben near Berlin, aiming to persuade organisers of the Eco Grand Prix to bring
    the event to the UK.

    Eco Grand Prix founder Rafael De Mestre said: “Electric cars are the perfect products to
    give the human race the chance to survive. We are at the point where we can effect
    change, but there can be no more delay. This international 24-hour race series is a
    perfect way to showcase that.”

    The EV Euro Mission also aims to dispel the myth that electric cars are hampered by
    range and performance, while encouraging friendly rivalry with European counterparts.
    Ric Boullemier, EV Driver said: “Whether we’re part of Europe or not, we have to work
    together when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions. Education is crucial and the clock is
    ticking to improve our driving habits. You can follow our progress via my Instagram
    account @TheSustainableDad.

    Completing the drive from London to Germany is only the first stage, as the main event
    will see more than 50 cars going bumper to bumper at the arena for sustainable glory.
    Sherbet Ride CEO, Asher Moses added: “We support technology and sustainability and
    focus on customer service and excellence. Sherbet’s evolution is about the future: the
    future of the industry, our children’s future, and the environment.

    3,000 London drivers have invested in electric vehicles the future is here and now. This
    trip to Germany will surely put to rest the myth that electric vehicles cannot travel long

    Sherbet London and London’s taxi drivers will continue to lead the way to help
    companies in the ULEZ zone to reduce carbon emissions in London as per the Mayor’s

    2021 Eco Grand Prix venues
    Norway, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, UK, Hungary, France, Romania, Germany,
    Andorra, Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, UAE (Abu Dhabi) and Ukraine.
    Additional nations are welcome to contact the organisers
    Check the newsletter archive for more information:

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    Rafael de Mestre adds: “This technology opens the mind to thinking about how to
    survive on our beautiful planet. It is bringing nations together, avoiding wars and
    opening the way to a sustainable future.
    “Energy storage is the most important thing the human race will need to survive. It will
    enable us to travel the universe and electric cars are the first step, followed by
    aeroplanes and then spaceships.”

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