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  • Sherbet Ride Partners with Green Brands

    January 15, 2020

    Why Green Brands choose Sherbet Ride?

    With pressure from the government, well-organised protest groups, investors and employees, companies need to re-think how their business travel affects the environment. Here’s how travel managers and brands can help their companies become more responsible and environmentally conscious.

    • Sherbet Ride is a premium electric taxi company, taking the best of the iconic London Taxi and combining it with sustainable high-quality customer service.
    • All our electric rides are low emission making it a greener trip for you and our planet. Sherbet London Ride AppOur drivers are hand-picked and committed to giving customers a door to door service that always exceeds expectations.
    • Our fleet is a modern travel solution providing comfort and amenities, including phone charging and WiFi, to ensure our customers travel in style and safety.
    • Our app-based client and driver interface provides a seamless service that is cutting edge, efficient and elegant.
    • Our tools and data allow us to effectively target precise areas and journey patterns minimising campaign wastage and ensuring ROI.

    Sherbet Ride had the pleasure to work with HotTopic to provide sustainable electric taxi rides for a VIP event in partnership with The Studio, Accenture, Oracle, and Shure for setting the innovation agenda for 2020.

    Are you looking to advertise on London Taxis? We can help. Our electric taxi advertising service is a revolutionary way of reaching the public. Sustainable, green advertising has never been so powerful and simple to achieve!

    Get in touch to find out how we can help reduce your carbon footprint by using our Electric and locally sourced Taxis.

    ride@sherbetlondon.com or give us a call 020 7254 3849

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