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  • Travel & Tourism Case Study : Maharashtra Tourism

    April 11, 2024

    Sherbet has been helping promote the tourism industry for over 20 years and last year we were thrilled to add a new client to our portfolio when The Colour Purple asked us to showcase 45 beautiful superside EV taxis for Maharashtra Tourism from India.

    Every year during the period of the World Travel Market thousands of people from the Travel and Tourism industry flock to London. Maharashtra Tourism wanted a strong presence around London around this time. Their objective was to drive interest, grow enquiries and increase visitors to their beautiful country.

    There campaign used two creatives on 45 Electric supersides highlighting the lush greenery to the breathtaking coastline!

    These beautiful taxis were also used for VIP rides for senior officials, there is nothing more impressive than your own personalised taxis.

    Meenakshi Sundaram, Vice President of Colour Purple said of their work with us,

    “Time to express my heartfelt thank you.

    The Maharashtra Campaign was executed wonderfully as planned. Your team did a fantastic job in coordination execution and also post reporting. We very much appreciate your patience. I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thank you for all the help, support, advice and patience you have rendered.”


    📞 020 3948 3311
    ✉️ sales@sherbetlondon.com
    🌎 www.sherbetlondon.com/advertise/

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