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  • Why Electric Taxis are the Safest and Cleanest Form of Travel

    June 24, 2020

    Travelling Safely During These Unprecedented Times

    Most people are looking forward to travelling around London again, but what is the safest and cleanest form of transportation available? Are london taxis safe?

    The answer is – Yes, Electric Taxis are the safest and cleanest form of travel. Here’s why:

    Zero Contact Travel

    Are London taxis safe during covid? Yes – every licenced London Electric Taxi is purpose build with a secure safety partition screen to separate passenger and driver. The TXE has a Factory fitted Perspex screen and vinyl seats which does not attract germs. We also use the LEVC provided kit to completely seal any gaps. Passengers have their own space in a private compartment with a separately controlled air conditioning. What is more, a contactless or prepayment option enables you to travel cash-free.

    Sanitised and Vetted Before Every Journey

    All Sherbet Electric Taxis have their interior cleaned before every journey. Safety in travel is crucial, now more than ever, that’s why we had special training by a team from the NHS to ensure our taxis meet the government safety requirements for social distancing during these unprecedented times. As per current Govt legislation, all passengers are to wear face mask unless exempt.

    Green Transport

    Sherbet Ride is dedicated to fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility through sustainable travel. All-electric licenced taxis are low emission capable vehicles and emit 29g/km of CO2 versus 222g/km in standard diesel taxi. They also use fast bus lanes and are congestion charge free.

    Expertly Driven by Knowledge Trained TfL Licenced London Taxi Driers

    Sherbet London Taxi DriverOur electric taxis are proudly driven by the worlds most qualified drivers who have all taken the world-famous Knowledge Test and been CRB checked. ‘The Knowledge’ school which usually takes 4 years – a memorised map of London including 25,000 streets and thousands of iconic landmarks. Only fully TfL licenced and accessibility trained taxi drivers are able to operate on our circuit.

    To conclude, electric taxis help city travellers stay safe and protected with their purpose-built design – protective partition, contactless payment systems, and easy-clean surfaces. By choosing this safe and clean form of transportation, passengers can always stay socially distanced, in a personal and contactless space.

    Get in touch with our Ride team to discuss how we can help you and your team travel safely.

    We are ready when you are.

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