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    January 31, 2019


    Electric taxis are becoming popular on London’s streets with constant growing interest from both passenger’s and driver’s side


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    Here are some new exciting features which make the passenger love and appreciate electric taxi rides.


    Sherbet London RideRecently, I was able to ride as a passenger in the newest Sherbet Electric taxi around London. The first thing that stands out is how spacious it is – there were six available passenger seats including wheelchair accessibility which makes the ride truly pleasant and comfortable.

    The passenger area utters a luxurious feel. The high ceiling which is, in fact, a panoramic roof, for the first time gives the passenger an opportunity to discover London’s sky comfortably from their seat. This feature makes you realise how much the passenger was missing out on when sited under the usual blank roof. The ride in an electric taxi creates a feeling that can be compared to sitting in an isolated VIP compartment rather than the seats of a taxi.


    Licensed London taxis are known for being loud. You will be surprised how hardly noticeable the movement of the electric taxi is. They are absent from the noisy diesel and clanging vibrations of taxis’ older versions. You can easily unwind, work or relax and hold a conversation without any noise disruptions.

    London electric vehicle company (LEVC) has equipped every TXE taxi with USB charging points as well as a full-size power socket which can be used to charge your laptop or smartphone for example. On top of that, you’re able to gain access to free 4G Wifi while onboard, control air conditioning with climate control and switch on/off the speaker to communicate with your taxi driver. You can also make payments via cash and card including contactless.


    Sherbet Ride AppI booked my journey via Sherbet Ride which is now live and taking bookings. Passengers can book in many ways. There are a user-friendly app, a web booker and a telephone booking service. Sherbet Ride also offers very competitive fixed fares, so the cost of the journey is known from the start.

    With the introduction of the Ultra-low Emission zone in London this April, more businesses will be moving over to taxi companies that operate an electric fleet. Businesses in the zone need to think about ways to reduce pollution and reduce their carbon footprint.




    Download the Sherbet Ride App on Android & iOS to Hire an Electric Taxi with us today!


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