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  • Things the Driver Will Love About the Sherbet London Electric Taxi

    January 30, 2019


    The new London taxi models are increasingly populating the capital’s streets – here are the things you will love about Sherbet London taxis.


    Besides it is fully equipped with exciting and enjoyable new features for the passenger such as onboard 4G Free WiFi, charging sockets for mobile phones and laptops and dazzling panoramic roof, the Sherbet London Electric Taxis offers most comfortable and efficient taxi driving experience so far.


    • Battery Life

    Certainly, the good news for the Electric taxi owners is that its battery charge will last 24 hours (considering the average 80-120 mile driving distance). Even more, the charging itself (boosting to 80% with a 50kw charger) only takes 25 minutes.


    • Saving the Environment

    There’s no surprise to hear that the Electric taxis is significantly more environmentally friendly than the standard diesel TX4. In fact, from 1st January 2019, all new black taxis in London must have emissions of no more than 50g/km as well as a minimum zero-emission range of 30 miles. The Electric taxi company manufacturer LEVC built the TXE model that can drive 80 miles with 0 emissions (Carbon emissions of 29g/km driving on the range extender).


    • Demand

    The completely new (Bentley-like) TXE design definitely increases the number of hands on the streets that hail the taxi down. People want to experience a ride in the new iconic black taxis as well as contribute to a greener environment. What is more, the ‘for hire’ light always looks like its on even though it’s been switched off so expect people constantly wanting to hail.


    • Safety

    The new safety features in the Electric taxi include the driver’s wheel, thorax and curtain airbags, passengers additional curtain airbags for side impact protection, emergence autonomous braking, lane departure warnings, and forward collision warnings.


    • Smooth Ride

    Comparing to diesel TX4’s the Sherbet London Electric Taxis offers a significantly smoother and effortless ride for both the driver and passengers. Firstly, the TXE has regenerative braking which essentially slows the vehicle when you lift your foot off the accelerators. It is incredibly quiet and unlike the diesel engine, the driving noise is hardly noticeable on the streets and inside the taxi.


    • Cost Effective

    The new London taxi model has significantly lower running costs comparing to standard TX’s. For example, the driver is saving up to £110 per week on fuel! Over five years that adds up to saving over £27k! (Based on an average price of fuel from April last year)


    Interested in renting the new Electric Taxi from Sherbet London?

    Leave us your contact number, simply contact us or alternatively call our Taxi Advisers 020 3948 3315

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