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    June 8, 2020

    Last week at our Dalston offices we restarted our popular rent electric test drives.

    In this new post-Covid world there are changes, we now operate on an appointment-only schedule, we limit the number of drivers attending per day and we also follow government advice on social distancing.

    Since the start of our rent electric test drives (now over a year ago) we have welcomed hundreds of drivers to our taxi centres at both Dalston and Putney.

    The sessions provide drivers with an excellent opportunity to see/feel the electric taxi for themselves; no hard sell – just the information you need to make the decision if the move from diesel to electric is right for you.

    On the day we offer full training on driving the taxi, a full test drive, demonstration of a wheelchair ramp, and advice on charging options.

    The move to electric can be daunting but we are here to fully support you.

    On the day, drivers also have the opportunity to meet the team at our inhouse work app ‘Sherbet Ride’. The team will discuss the best ways to work together to maximize work offerings and driver’s weekly takings.

    As drivers plan to return to work after lockdown, we have seen an increased interest in renting electric taxis, we are also offering a return to work plans across our electric fleet, so help is there financially.

    If you are considering coming back to work why not arrange a rent electric test drive, pop in and see how Sherbet can help you back to work.

    To arrange an appointment or for further information please call the customer service team on 02039483315

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