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  • Taxi Drivers – Is it time to return to work?

    May 22, 2020

    Over the last few weeks I have spoken to many drivers and read hundreds of social media posts all asking the same question ‘is there any work out there, is it worth me coming back?’

    Since mid-March, we have seen work levels hit the floor, with Heathrow at a standstill and nobody on the streets, most drivers have decided to follow the governments’ advice and stay at home. Some drivers decided to carry and continued to work, approx. 20% of our fleet stayed on the road. These drivers did not find it easy and have relied more on app and account work from the likes of Sherbet Ride, Com Cab & Gett.

    So, the question is it time to return? We have seen more of our fleet return over the last few weeks. DrivSherbet London Ride Drive Taxi Driver Charging Point Electric Taxi Cab Chargingers seem keen to get back after possibly 8-10 weeks off. I think we all understand work levels will be low but we are seeing small glimmers of hope. I have seen credit card suppliers publishing transaction figures which are low but seem to be on the increase. Listening to the news the government has plans to open more businesses, we will see shops opening soon and hopefully bars and pubs. The weather is on our side so more people will be tempted to come out after weeks indoors. The trains and tubes are starting to look busier and I believe we will see more of our core customers (office workers) returning to the London offices over the coming weeks.

    Customers will also think twice about using private hire, social distancing is still the government’s keywords, over the last few weeks our sales team at Sherbet Ride have seen an increased number of enquiries from big corporations who have made the decision to move away from private hire, and are no longer prepared to move staff around in the confined space of a car.

    I think we would all agree to need to come back at some point, yes it will be hard to start with but slowly the work levels will increase. Many rental companies are also prepared to help. We have our own return to work rental plans with an agreed period of discounted rent.

    It will always be hard to come back after such a long period off, but we all have to come back at some point. Taxis should be seen on the streets of London. Customers need to know we are back and ready to get London moving again.

    Take care and stay safe

    Michael Eades

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