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  • Sherbet London aims to harness future 5G tech in bid to maximise electric taxi service standard

    February 5, 2020

    A London electric taxi fleet are setting their sights to be one of the first in the industry to harness future 5G technology in a bid to maximise service excellence.

    As part of that plan, Sherbet London have appointed a new Chief Technical Officer, Gilad Barner, to the London taxi company.

    Sherbet London Ride Electric Taxi

    Sherbet London have one of the largest electric taxi fleets in the industry and are ranked as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the country. The taxi firm were recently confirmed as number 41 within the 23rd annual Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100.

    Sherbet’s CEO, Asher Moses, said Gilad’s appointment reflects how seriously the firm are taking their goal to deliver technological and service excellence and drive a premium brand.

    Moses suggests that regulators and taxi fleet operators who want electric taxis in their cities, currently don’t have the tech tools to effectively maximise the full potential. With 5G technology soon to be widely launched, Sherbet are building technology with this in mind.

    “The taxi business has been reinvented, taking us from the horse and cart until now – with a future that is open for imagination and development. Sherbet is set to now take the iconic London taxi to a global level, integrating with smart cities and embracing the demand for clean, green, sustainable, and safe transport,” he said.

    Moses added that Gilad’s support in developing the Sherbet brand will ensure it is able to dovetail into any country and any city, using a universal system that applies across all cultures, languages, and business models.

    “I am very excited to have someone as talented, experienced, and passionate about the future of transport technology onboard with Sherbet. This is the start of a very significant time for our business – and the taxi industry in general.” Said Moses.

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