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    February 6, 2020

    As part of an ongoing plan to introduce the highest levels of scalability to Sherbet , Gilad Barner has been appointed as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) to the London Taxi company.


    Gilad comes from an exceptionally experienced background, working for global brands including eToro, GoodDollar and Last Minute Travel, in a range of technological roles in the Israeli Hi-Tech industry, also encompassing product, business and marketing disciplines. He is detailed with the task of taking the taxi firm to top-grade technological levels in terms of operations, service and growth.


    He is also a known figure in the Israeli tech and smart mobility ecosystems, and a manager of vibrant communities around mobility innovation and smart cities, with numerous business connections with entrepreneurs, companies, municipalities, government offices, NGOs, accelerators and others. His experience aligns well with Sherbet’s vision of building a unified platform that allows regulators and taxi operators to replicate the Sherbet taxi service  anywhere in the world, utilizing 5g technology platforms, on-demand ride hailing and rental services, smart fleet management solutions and top fintech payment systems.


    He said of his appointment:  ‘Smart mobility has been my personal interest for years. My appointment to Sherbet is a defining moment in my career, allowing me to combine my various skills and experience to harness the power of Israeli Technology and innovation for Sherbet’s growth, and help bring to fruition the groundbreaking vision of Asher Moses, Shebret’s CEO.’


    Sherbet London – the first and biggest fleet of electric black Taxis in the city – has been ranked as one of the fastest growing businesses in the country, recently confirmed as number 41 within the 23rd annual Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100.


    Currently, regulators and taxi fleet operators who wish to incorporate electric taxis in their cities lack the technological tools to effectively maximise the full potential of this massive market.


    Asher Moses added, ‘Gilad’s appointment reflects how seriously Sherbet is taking the goal of embedding Technology as part of the company’s DNA. The taxi business has been reinvented, taking us from the horse and cart until phone in hand – with a future that is open for imagination & development. Sherbet is now set to take the iconic London taxi to a global level, integrating with smart cities and embracing the demand for clean, green, sustainable and safe transport’.


    Asher added that Gilad’s support in developing the Sherbet brand will ensure it is able to dovetail into any country and any city, using a universal system that applies across all cultures, languages and business models.


    ‘I am very excited to have someone as talented, experienced and passionate about the future of transport technology on board with Sherbet. This is the start of a very significant time for our business – and the taxi industry in general.’


    For further press information or to organise interviews please contact Janet Kelly at Grapevine Communication 01273 300542 or Asher Moses, CEO of Sherbet London on 07958 078244

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