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  • Sherbet Ride x Dan Pontarlier

    March 2, 2020

    Moving sustainably with Dan Pontarlier.

    Sherbet Ride was an obvious transportation choice for Dan Pontarlier who spent a few days in London attending PURE – leading fashion trade show at Olympia. Dan is a sustainability project manager and consultant for the fashion, tourism and hospitality industry who’s motto is to live sustainably. ‘Make your choices sustain our future world. What you wear matters, how you move counts’  Hence driving down harmful carbon emissions whilst traveling was a significant matter for Dan. Dan commented –  ‘Not only Sherbet Ride are sustainable, but their guest service is also impressive and part of their DNA.’

    We were pleased to hear that Dan enjoyed his Sherbet Ride electric experience. Here’s how he described his journeys – ‘I used them 5 times to get to PURE and back and also to catch the train at St. Pancras to go back to Paris, and as I had reserved the rides, each time my Sherbet Ride driver was waiting for me. During the ride, I could continue working as they are fully wifi and USB equipped, take a nap or just enjoy the sights through the glass sunroof. The drivers all know London at heart so Glenn –which was the top driver for me, friendly as no one I have ever meet– and his colleagues got me each time in record time to destination and the fixed fares avoid surprises when needing to pay.’

    It’s great to hear such positive feedback.

    Visit Dan’s blog to find out more https://www.sustainable-man.com/sherbet-ride-london

    Download the Android & iOS Sherbet Ride App to Hire an Electric Taxi with us!


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